History of the Paranoia Kennel

I have always kept dogs. I grew up with Dachshunds and Cockers and owned Miniature Long-haired and Wire-haired Dachshunds for 18 years. All four of my dogs were champions. The first one was very small, long-haired Kaninchen bitch PL Ch. FRIGG Scrato , called Fryga (1985-1995) (photo), (pedigree). She had only one litter, all 3 puppies lived happily in pet homes. My second dog was wire-haired Int.Ch. PL Ch, CS Ch, 3x Club Winner Poland, 2x Club Winner Czechoslovakia HASSO vom Aschenbach called Azor (1988-2000) (photo 1), (photo 2), (photo 3), (pedigree); one of the most influential stud dog in our part of Europe, sire of 25 champions in Poland, Finland, Czech and Austria (list of champion progeny). My another influential stud dog was wire-haired PL Ch. LARGO vom Pagenhof called Kajtek (1990-2003), (pedigree) lived at my friends'. My last Wire-haired Miniature Dachshund bitch is PL Ch JANA vom Pagenhof (D.O.B.-1993) (photo 1), (photo 2), (pedigree). She had one litter (x HASSO vom Achenbach). Only one bitch from this litter attended shows, PL Ch OFKA Paranoia. Jana lives now at my mother's, because my mother lost her 19-year-old Cocker and decided not to buy a puppy.

My interest in whippets is as old as my interest in dogs, but I had never had space and time for a third, bigger dog. The whippet story began with an English dog COBYCO CALL THE SHOTS (Ron). I am deeply grateful to Ron's breeders, Eva Yacoby and Lynn Yacoby -Wright. He is a marvellous dog, exactly the dog I looked for. We have a lot of fun together: Ron prefers squirrel hunting in the park, I prefer shows, but we can agree. I kept his wonderfull, but pretty crazy daughter DEEDILLY DIDILLY DEE Ypsylon (Diuna). She lives happily in Mittenwalde with Petra and Andreas Reschke. Eva and Lynn allowed me to have a second Cobyco dog, COBYCO CENTER PIECE (Tim). He is a tender, sweet companion and a real showman, enjoying to be with me in the ring.

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